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WheeMeet started with our sister company, Wheesearch Beauty, where our diverse team of content creators and 1000s of people like you told us how makeup products look, wear, and feel. We compiled all of the information into an easy to view & easy to understand database. This way you save time, money, & the environment before even making a purchase because you already know how the product looks, wears, and feels! 

We quickly learned that the best products only work when you know how to use them correctly. This thought resonated in our minds and found this to be true for almost everything. 

We thought about how people learn in the digital age and determined when it comes to learning something new, people usually head to their favorite social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. You consume video after video & when you have a question, you head to the comments section or the creators DMs. Often more times than once, this is where your question gets LOST (in the sea of comments). If you’re lucky, you may get a response, but if not, that’s where Whee step in with WheeMeet. 

WheeMeet is a live interactive marketplace where content creators, professionals, and masters of their crafts can create small exclusive classes on the topics they’re most versed in. The classes are designed in small groups, so your questions get answered in real-time and you learn. No more waiting in the comment sections! WheeMeet also provides another way for content creators to monetize their skills & a way for you to further support them in three easy steps: Book, Connect, Learn.  

Whether its Beauty, Fitness, Art, or Cooking, when WheeMeet, the possibilities are endless!  

Currently, WheeMeet is in the process of building our marketplace. With your input, we will try our best to bring the people and the topics YOU want to learn. The links below will redirect you to the forms to submit your instructors and topics.
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